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Common Documents

NDA / Confidentiality Agreement

A Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) is first line of defence in protecting confidential company information such as customer data, inventions and trade secrets.
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Change to company details

Use this form to advise change of address for your Australian company registration. This form can also be used to change other company details.
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Cease and Desist

Is another company or individual infringing on your intellectual property rights, such as using a deceptively similar brand where you have an existing registered trademark for similar goods or services? Do you wish to task action against brand infringement?
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Trademark Declaration of Prior Use

Has the government examiner issued an adverse examination report cited a conflicting trademark? Do you need to submit a declaration that you used the trademark before the filing date of the conflicting application? If so you will need to complete a declaration of prior use.
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Trademark Assignment / Change of Ownership

Do you need to change the owner of an existing trademark application or registration? To change the applicant, the existing owner needs to complete an assignment form to transfer ownership to a different legal entity (individual or company).
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Deed of Intellectual Property Assignment

A Deed of Intellectual Property Assignment is used when an employee or contractor develops intellectual property (such as a report, software, image or design) for the company and the company should own the result.
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Brand Report

Do you need a brand report to help you decide if you should apply for a trademark, register a domain name or create social media profiles? Our brand report is instant and provides a summary overview of your brand.
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Brand Report Lite

Do you need a fast summary report of the availability of the brand you are considering? Use this free summary report to get an instant overview.
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