Company Registration QuickStart

Our quickstart company registration process is the quickest and simplest way to get your company started. We check your proposed company name against business names, trademarks and domain names and walk you through the steps to register your Australian Pty Ltd company with ASIC. Once your application is complete you'll receive:
  • your new company ACN as soon as it's issued by ASIC (normally within 10 minutes)
  • your Certificate of Registration
  • required corporate documents (such as director consents and share certificates)
  • minutes of your company's first meeting
  • and more...
Everything you need to start your company. Let's get started!

Company Name Directors and Shares Contact details Finished
Company Name
What is the name of your new company?  

Own and protect your company name

Trademark your company name to prevent others using it ($0 + $400 govt. fees)

Stop others using your company name as a website or email address

Stop others using your company name on popular social media websites ($50)

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