Cease and Desist Demand

Take action against brand infringements

Is another company or individual infringing on your intellectual property rights, such as using a deceptively similar brand where you have an existing registered trademark for similar goods or services? Do you wish to task action against brand infringement?

Let's get started!

I'd like a lawyer to prepare a cease and desist letter for me (price depends on complexity)
I'd like to prepare a letter myself

Step 1 - What is the name of your company?

Company name

Step 2 - Describe what your company does

For example, " is one of the leading in Australia."

Step 3 - What trademarks do you own?

Search Select Trademarks to be listed in the letter

    Step 4 - What issues are you concerned about?

    Issue Issues to be listed in the letter

    I am concerned about:

    you    [ Add ]
    the website http://  [ Add ]
    you advertising on Google
    under the search term
       [ Add ]

      Step 5 - A response to this letter is required by...

      A response is required by:

      Government Fee
      Cease and desist letter - Australia$481.77-$48.18$529.95
      Instant download in Microsoft Word formatNO FEE

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