Brand Report
The Start-Up Guide to Creating a Valuable Brand Asset
If you're starting something new this is your opportunity to create your most valuable business asset.

Sucessful businesses own their brand - it's the way customers associate the great service they received with the business that provided it. However, many businesses don't take even the smallest step to protect their brand. Often they're only prompted to action after customers are lost, confused or legal letters are sent.  By that time it's usually too little, too late and everyone wishes they did something sooner.

Starting on the right foot is simple and cost effective. But only if you know how...

Our brand report covers answers to the following common questions

  • Is my brand already being used?
  • Your pre and post launch brand checklist
  • Next steps on how to own your brand

What customers say about our search

"Your TM search engine rules! It covers a major pain point for entrepreneur like me. I will be using it a lot."

"Firstly I would like to thank you for how informative and professional your advice has been..."

"Wow that looks incredible! You guys know your stuff!"

"This is really sensational. And the knockout search is intuitive and works extremely well. Nice work!"

Download your brand report, customised to your business

General advice is interesting, but a customised, step-by-step guide is even better. That's why we created our brand report - to help start-up businesses take charge of creating a valuable business asset.

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TIP: The best brands are distinctive - try creating something that's unique to you

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Our website provides a free online trademark search and we, with our years of experience, assist you to prepare your trademark application and file it with the trademarks office as quickly and efficently as possible.

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  • We are experienced lawyers and trade mark specialists with over a decade of experience.
  • We are consistently in the top 1% of trade mark filers in Australia, assisting more clients than most large law firms.
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  • We have a global network of lawyers and attorneys ready to assist in just about every jurisdiction.
  • Our software is smart and covers modern branding issues that others don’t or can’t (for example, social media search and registration services). It’s designed for real people, really starting a business.

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