Trade Mark Registration
in Australia

If your filed application isn't accepted
we refund our fees
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We ensure your trade mark passes our pre-application search
We take you through the application step-by-step
We file everything for you and manage your application to registration

All managed through your personal online account.

Our Trade Mark Guarantee

  • Before filing your application we will compile a search report
  • If your application doesn't pass our pre-application search, we'll refund the government application fee
  • If your application passes our initial search, we'll file your application with the Trade Marks Office
  • If your application cannot be accepted by the Examiner, we will refund our service fee

Why choose LegalNow

  • Our company, Applied Marks, files more Australian trade mark applications than any other independent online service
  • Our in-house developed SmartSearch technology ensures knock-out issues are cleared before you apply
  • Founded in 2008 and operated by lawyers and trade mark specialists with over 20 years' experience
  • We regularly assist clients with international trade mark applications
Trade Mark
in Australia
Pre-application Search
Trade Mark Guarantee
Online Trade Mark Account
Our Trade Mark Guarantee: If your trade mark doesn't pass our pre-application search, we won't proceed and will refund the government application fee. If we file your application and it can't be accepted, we'll refund our service fee.
$599 inc GST and government fees (paid up-front); plus
$599 inc GST on acceptance for 10 year registration (paid on success)
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More than one
Trade Mark?
2 Trade Marks
Save $250
For example: Name and Logo
2 Trade Marks >
4 Trade Marks
Save $450
For example: Company Name, Product Name, Tag Line and Logo
4 Trade Marks >
10 Trade Marks
Save $995
For corporates and new portfolios
10 Trade Marks >

Yes, we often assist clients to register trade marks overseas. Our international trade mark pricing is available here.

Your Online Trade Mark Management Account - get serious about your brand

Standard for all LegalNow portfolio clients, we provide the same brand management interface enjoyed by large corporate clients. Nobody comes close to our sophisticated brand management solution.

Manage all your brand assets, from trade marks to social media, through one online portal
All documents, dates and status reports organised and available whenever you need them
Access sophisticated brand intelligence to monitor competitors and trends in your industry
Clear, concise budget planning for your brand portfolio
Premium listing in our directory of trade marks to put others on constructive notice of your brand asset

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